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Use Candles to Create a Sanctuary at Home


Everyone knows that candles make your home smell amazing and contribute to a cozy ambiance. However, burning your favorite candles can also help calm your mind, body, and soul. Understanding the health benefits of candles will allow you to take advantage of all they offer and turn your home into a wellness sanctuary.

Calming Benefits of Candles

In addition to being surrounded by your very favorite scents, you can enjoy these benefits of candles:


Soothing Light

The faint flicker and whisper of a burning flame can help you wind down after a busy day. Simply light a few candles, dim the lights, and put on some melodic music while you watch the light and shadows dance on the wall. This can also be a lovely mid-day break while working from home.


Meditation Tool

Meditating for just a few minutes every day helps us increase focus, gain better control over our thoughts (especially negative ones), and bring calmness to everything we do. Meditating can be difficult if you’re just starting a practice. It’s helpful to use tools like low-fi beats playlists and candles. Press play and allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of a flickering flame and melting wax. Make sure you use a scent that makes you feel at ease.


Self-Care Oasis

Everyone deserves a spa day once in a while. If you can’t make it to the spa due to your busy schedule, you can turn your bathroom into the quiet and cozy sanctuary you crave. No appointment necessary. Simply light a few candles that make you feel happy and peaceful and place them around your bathtub. Run a bath with plenty of bubbles and sink in while your favorite scents dance around your senses.


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