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About Us

The meaning of Krōōd (pronounced Crude) is in a raw, or unprepared state; unrefined or natural.​


We exist to create an atmosphere for your memories.  We are committed to offering beautifully curated, hand-crafted products with sustainable luxury in mind. All of our  products are thoughtfully created to provide a pleasurable, sensorial experience of guilt-free indulgence.  There’s comfort in knowing that the scents that fill the air of your home are slowly crafted, intentionally created. We hope that when you’re searching for your next signature scent for the home, the one that leaves your guests with a lasting impression, that you discover it in our collection. 
We’re conscious of our ingredients. Every hand-poured candle is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and eco friendly.


Our aromatic candles invoke calmness in your surroundings.