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5 Reasons to Switch To Non-Toxic Candles


Lighting a candle should be an act of relaxation and rejuvenation—never a potential health risk. Though they play a huge role in our self-care routines, we often neglect to realize how much of an impact candles can have on our health. Disguised beneath most of our favorite sweet vanilla or fresh linen scents can be a slew of harmful chemicals; so, it’s important to be selective with what we burn in our homes. 

Lightening the mood should never come at the cost of our health, which is why replacing regular candles with nontoxic ones can offer us fresh-smelling spaces with the reassurance of safe ingredients. 

5 Reasons to Buy Clean Candles

Consider the following reasons to buy clean candles the next time you shop for your favorite scent

1.  Clean Wax Sources

Unlike most candles that are made from paraffin, non-toxic candles come from a natural source, such as coconut and soy. Paraffin is derived from petroleum which is known for releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Coconut wax, conversely, is natural and hypoallergenic, making it a great option for people with asthma or sensitivity to chemicals.  

2.  Non-toxic Fragrance

We would never imagine that scents that invoke such positive responses could be potential health threats. However, like paraffin, synthetic fragrances contain VOCs like phthalates and formaldehyde which are endocrine disruptors (that threaten reproductive health), allergens, and cancer-causing agents. Opting for candles scented with essential oils can not only offer you a better array of fragrance options but also protect you from the long list of harmful chemicals found in synthetic fragrances.

3.   Low Soot Production

Soot is a by-product of most candle emissions. Because cheap candles burn much faster than non-toxic candles, they produce more soot and, in turn, release more harmful particulate matter into the air. Soot can not only soil surrounding furniture and linens but also cause long-term respiratory issues. Switching to non-toxic candles, which burn much slower, immensely reduces the risk of coming in contact with this unsightly debris.

4.   Biodegradability

Candles that are made from petroleum-based products and contain synthetic fragrances and dyes can take decades to decompose. Beeswax-based candles, on the other hand, are natural, biodegradable sources loaded with negative ions that help to combat air pollution. 

5.  Waste Reduction

Because non-toxic candles burn at a much slower rate, you get to enjoy the benefits for much longer before having to replace them. A 4 oz candle of poured beeswax can burn for up to 29 hours as compared to 4 oz of paraffin which only burns for about 14 hours. With over a doubled burn time, not only are non-toxic candles a more cost-effective option but they also decrease the amount of waste you contribute to the environment. 


The moment we step outside, our bodies are bombarded with harmful toxins. Let your home be a reprieve from them by making the switch to non-toxic candles. 

Shop KROOD Clean Candles

KROOD candles are made with all-natural coconut beeswax and natural fragrances. You never have to compromise the safety of your home and the environment for high-quality scents when you choose our non-toxic candles. Shop now to bring peace to your mind and home